Let us Help You Overcome the Barrier of "Capital"​ for LED Lighting

Keith McAslan is a Managing Partner with ASG Energy a comprehensive solutions provider for energy savings using LED lighting, HVAC Optimization and Solar power.  For additional information please visit:  www.asgenergyllc.com or email at info@asgenergyllc.com.

Posted on Thursday 7th February 2019






If you have not converted your existing lighting to LED Lighting, then your lighting is OLD, OUTDATED, WASTING ENERGY and COSTING YOU MONEY EVERY DAY!

Explore the Energy & Cost Savings of LED Lighting

If you would like to learn how partnering with ASG Energy will help you significantly reduce energy and monthly costs in 2019 by implementing LED Lighting, we can assist you with the following:

  • Budget Planning for Energy Reduction Measures
  • Develop ROI Driven Economic Analysis for LED Lighting
  • LED Lighting & Photometric Designs
  • Exploration of Smart Lighting Controls
  • Evaluation of Alternative Capital Allocation & Financing Options

We understand that access to Capital can be a barrier when implementing LED Lighting projects. ASG energy is proud to have financing partnerships with RENEW Energy Partners and Key Equipment Finance an affiliate of KeyCorp (NYSE: KEY). Our partners offer financing alternatives to help complete your project and take advantage of utility company rebates before they expire.

RENEW Energy Partners works with ASG Energy to fully fund and execute energy-efficiency and on-site clean energy projects (such as combined heat and power) for C&I building owners, with no up-front investment from the building owner. RENEW delivers fully funded projects and immediate savings to building owners using an energy services agreement (ESA) for efficiency projects and/or a power purchase agreement (PPA) for on-site generation. On completion of construction, the building owners use the cost savings associated with reduced energy consumption and/or on-site distributed energy generation to make regular payments over a set period of time. The implementation of such projects also provides significant increased resilience and an immediate reduction in carbon emissions.

Because RENEW is delivering energy services and/or heat and power to its customers, payments can be treated as an operating expense and customers have the option for off-balance sheet treatment. Customers free up their capital budgets for other priorities.

With 45 years of experience, Key Equipment Finance total project leases include 100% financing including engineering, development, installation and LED lighting costs with an expediated approval process. 

Additionally, Key Equipment Finance offers flexible structures and payment plans for integrated LED lighting, controls and technologies and the ability to take advantage of energy incentives to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

About ASG Energy LLC

ASG Energy LLC is a comprehensive LED energy solutions provider, with a successful track record of managing energy reduction initiatives and installations for several Fortune 500 companies, schools and health care facilities throughout the U.S.  ASG Energy’s reach extends nationally to serve its customers.  For additional information, please visit:  www.asgenergyllc.com or email at info@asgenergyllc.com.

About Revolution Energy Group

Revolution Energy Group was established to provide next generation commercial energy efficiency solutions.  Revolution supports public and private sector facility owners and managers who seek high ROI “Energy Intelligence” to reduce operating costs and meet sustainability goals. For more information please visit www.revolutionenergygroup.com. See this link for the optimization beyond HVAC Optimization.


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