Green Education Online reaches out Internationally

Posted on Sunday 3rd June 2012
Green Education across the new Global "Green" Economy is increasingly important for small, midsize, and multi-national corporations. For some perspective on the difference between the cost of electricity in America relative to other key industrialized countries see: Global kWh Costs Green Education On Line recently launched an internet marketing campaign that is targeting distributors who have an international presence in bringing awareness to sustainability and green business practices. These efforts are through direct contact to Sustainability Officers, CEO’s and managing partners of international organizations with NGOs’ worldwide. Kerry Mitchell, President of Green Education Online says. “Many of these organizations have Internet sites and have a strong desire to motivate businesses and governments to implement greener business practices but do not yet have web based education programs to offer to members and site visitors. Awareness of our company’s on line curriculums focusing on waste management and teaching environmental and carbon accounting practices through e-learning and delivered on line is opening more doors for this knowledge.” Mitchell says these are global issues and boardrooms and governments around the world are trying to get training to their employees. Students and viewers who take the courses will learn how to actually implement greener business practices in the current business model. Management internationally is planning for implementing more energy planning measures, training employees about sustainability planning, green fleet management, basics on green building, energy efficiency, environmental/carbon accounting and conserving resources education and interest for embracing these issues is at the forefront of business decisions. The company has already signed distributions agreements in Canada, China and South Africa and there is strong interest in the UK. Green Education On Line states that in the communication of their performance based web based sustainability education curriculum that it actually cuts down on seminars that cost $34.50 per person to administer for just an hour of training. Web based training not only offers a dramatic reduction in training costs, but offers access on demand to this education available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Mitchell says that being able to engage employees globally to begin to implement energy saving techniques in all departments conservation of water, greening fleets, carbon accounting and energy planning is something shareholders and stakeholders are looking for in their investment strategy. Today's interest in sustainability is recognized by companies that conduct business internationally such as Wal-Mart, Dell, Unilever, EMC and all agree employee engagement is a crucial element in effecting change. General information about Green Education Online can be found on their web site and courses can be purchased. Globally one can review what content is included in the curriculum and information about their courses and contact information on this page:

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