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This article includes my notes from my conversation with Charlie Szoradi, CEO of Energy Intelligence Center (EIC). EIC focuses on state of the art HVAC optimization for commercial real estate.

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PPE Eye Protection


COVID-19 infects us through the eyes, nose and mouth, making proper PPE one of the most important tools during this pandemic. It’s vital to pick PPE such as Surgical Goggles and Face Shields to protect an overlooked key body part - your eyes.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is understood to spread from person-to-person. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the virus can spread in three ways:

Gel hand sanitizer

Here is an example of a billboard next to the parking lot at the Philadelphia 76ers Fieldhouse. Sustainabilityw starts with some of the smallest things in life. With COVID-19, we've all gotten used to keeping masks andoand gel hand sanitizer in our cars, so keeping a few reusable shopping bags should also become part of a new normal.

gel hand sanitizer

Gel Hand Sanitizer helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 if people use it. This is an example of a convenient size and flip top squeeze bottle that makes it easier for people to keep it on hand and use it frequently. The more that you use alcohol-based gel hand sanitizer that meets the FDA registered formula...the better!


Federal tax De-Coder
Our team of experts read and de-coded the 400 page American Recovery and Reinvestment Act so that you wouldn't have to. We made it simple for you to easily take advantage of these government incentives.

Free Federal Tax Incentive De-Coder

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