gel hand sanitizer

Gel Hand Sanitizer helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 if people use it. This is an example of a convenient size and flip top squeeze bottle that makes it easier for people to keep it on hand and use it frequently. The more that you use alcohol-based gel hand sanitizer that meets the FDA registered formula...the better!

KN95 medical mask

Our GREENandSAVE Staff has been following the KN95 Medical Mask availability, and the FDA has made some recent changes about the authorization. Purge Virus is one import company that has been rigorous about cross checking certifications through PPE Source International. They also have KN95 Medical Mask inventory in the US at wholesale volume prices.

IR Forehead Thermometer

Our GREENandSAVE Staff know the value of measurement and verification (M&V) when it comes to energy intelligence for sustainability. Measuring temperatures and verifying, at least on the surface level that someone does not have a fever, is at least a way to help address COVID-19.

gel hand sanitizer

Our GREENandSAVE staff sees wholesale offerings like this Gel Hand Sanitizer as one as one of the many spokes on the wheel of sustaining life on earth. COVID-19 has been a shocking wake up call. If you would like is to profile one of your offerings, please Contact Us, and we will review it accordingly.

GEL HAND SANITIZER in a convenient 6.5 fl oz squeeze container with flip cap

We are pleased to provide this information from Purge Virus.

If we open America back up too quickly we may risk contaminating each other in restaurants. Fortunately, thee are options with Germicidal UV Light devices to sanitize restaurant airborne pathogens.

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