Greenhouse Brings Eco-Friendly Partying to NYC

Shara Cooper - Contributing Writer
Posted on Tuesday 9th June 2009

DJ? Check. Top shelf bar? Check. Celebrity clientele? Check. L.E.E.D. Registration? Check! Greenhouse, the first eco-friendly nightclub in NYC’s coveted SoHo, has emerged in a city already saturated with nightlife and still managed to rise straight to the top. Maybe it’s due to the modern music selection. Maybe it’s the energetic atmosphere. Or maybe, just maybe, its owner Jon B’s positive influence on the nightlife industry to “Go Green” that has the glitterati lining up around the block.

“Green living has become a way of life for many people and especially for New Yorkers,” Jon B has been quoted saying. Located on 150 Varick Street, Greenhouse is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) registered nightclub in the world. But exactly what makes Greenhouse so “green” you might ask? No stone was left unturned in the construction of this nightclub…and energy saving HVAC units and LED lighting systems are just the start. From energy to water to waste, building materials, air quality, and community awareness, this 6,000 square foot nightclub is eco-friendly forward.

  1. Greenhouse is entirely run on wind power due to the purchase of wind power credits to offset 100% of the energy used nightly,.
  2. Waterless urinals and low-flow toilets and sinks were installed in the rest rooms, reducing water waste by 30-80%.
  3. Any and all materials that can be recycled are to aid in sustainability of natural resources.
  4. The walls are covered with bamboo rather than wood because bamboo is more quickly replenishing, growing back to its original height in just ten years.
  5. The original wood flooring was preserved during reconstruction to reduce waste and unnecessary purchasing of extra materials.
  6. Since regular liquors require the use of environmentally harmful pesticides for production, organic alcohols are offered to patrons.
  7. Staff uniforms are designed by Edun, an eco-friendly clothing company that makes their clothes from organic cotton grown in Africa.

The people behind Greenhouse also do their part outside of the nightclub. Various events have been executed to promote awareness at locations like the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals, and Paris fashion week. And with big names such as Al Gore, U2, Bruce Willis, Jodie Foster and other celebutants who are known activists in the eco-friendly movement, these events have been a major success.

“We are proud to be the first ones to create an event space that will merge nightlife with positive steps towards addressing global concerns, and hope that eventually others will be encouraged to follow in our foot steps.”

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