9 Wedding Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique


Posted on Thursday 21st February 2019



Our GREENandSAVE Team is always pleased to share information that is relevant to sustainable living. In this case, the “Beach Wedding” idea caught our attention. Climate control, specifically air conditioning is the #1 largest user of electricity for commercial real estate, followed by lighting which is the #2 user. An outdoor weeding, like at a beach, is a great way to help support environmental stewardship!

From JJ’s House:

9 Wedding Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique

Why not make your wedding affair memorable for every attendee? Leave them awestruck by making your wedding party a unique one. There are many ways and ideas to plan your wedding differently and not the usual one! Scroll down to find 9 wedding ideas to make your wedding unique:

1. Live Painting:

It is so exciting to have a live painter at the party who will paint every ceremony and portraits of you with your beloved partner. Imagine a painting in which you are posing in your mermaid wedding dresses with your partner on a beach wedding, mesmerizing right?

2. Cake Boxes:

You can order customized cake boxes so that your guests can take those with them. This will serve as a small gift as well as a memory from your side. You can print your wedding date and your initials on the box as a memory for them to remember.

3. Plan a Beach Wedding:

What can be more interesting and different than a beach wedding? You can make a flowery setup besides a beautiful beach and offer candlelight dinner to every guest. The cool breeze and beach wedding dresses will set the romantic atmosphere to cherish a lifetime.

4. Fun Facts:

It’s easy to put some fun facts at the places in the party. These fun facts are about the bride and the groom, their memories, or you can also put their pictures together. You can place them on the tables so that your guests can read them while having a bite.

5. Customized Bathing Soaps:

You can wow your guests by offering them handmade scented bathing soaps. These soaps can be engraved with yours and your partner’s name. Just place them in their respective washrooms. We are sure they will remember this.

You can also put perfumes in their rooms to make them feel more special.

6. Fun Games:

You can plan some fun games for your guests. Ensure that they have some really good time at your party and they leave the place happily. Shoe game is the most popular game to plan for a wedding party. Another popular game is a rotating wheel which guests enjoy the most!

7. Dress Theme:

The whole theme of the wedding party can be selected to complement the bride’s mermaid wedding dresses. Like, you can purchase mermaid gowns for your mother and the bridesmaids. A mermaid décor at the entrance and at the tables will be a unique way to wow your guests.

8. Keepsake for Your Flower Girls:

Why not give a keepsake to those little girls who will perform their duties in the cutest way possible. You can add some personalized messages for them, being the pretty little attraction for your wedding. The flower girls are possibly the adorable part of any wedding, everybody loves to see them trip down the aisle after all.

9. Pictures with Flower Bouquet:

Why carry a simple flower bouquet with you? You can add some amazing pictures of you to it. It’s a great way of showing pictures along with beautiful flowers. When the bride wearing beach wedding dresses walks down an aisle along the beach with this bouquet, leaves everyone awestruck!


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