How to look after your environment and income during ill health


Posted on Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Looking after your finances while undergoing recovery and improving your surroundings can help not only your budget but also improve the efficiency and sustainability of your home. Undergoing medical treatment or a recovery program is hugely beneficial and mandatory for anyone who is struggling with physical or mental health problems. However, sometimes, these periods of ill health can have a profound effect on our income. Being out of work or being forced to take a period of leave means that you could be out of pocket for a short or long period of time.

Save in advance if possible

If you know that you will be undergoing treatment in the future, and are still in work, then now is the best time to start saving. Putting away as much as you feasibly can into a savings account with a high interest rate is one of the best options to ensure you have a small stockpile or have added extra on top of an already existing savings account. In order to save as much as possible, just take a look through your transactions to find out what can be kept or deducted from your monthly outgoings. If you can avoid buying a coffee every day, or buying new clothes, this could help add to your savings stash.

Know that you will need treatment

If you are gravely ill or need recovery support, you need to know that you will categorically require treatment. Skipping this step could be hugely detrimental to your health, not to mention dangerous. To ensure that you don’t prolong your illness, finding a rehab clinic at or any medical practice will ensure that you receive the treatment you realistically need. By planning your treatment, you can work around how long this will take, and how long you will need to save for.

Get insured

Particularly if you’re self-employed, taking out insurance to cover you during any period of sickness might get you the cover you need. Be aware, that if you’re currently ill, you may be faced with a few rejections, or if you’re terminally ill, you might have to pay a slightly higher rate. However, insurance could be the cover you need to find other financing options.

Ensure your home is insulated

If you live in a colder climate, then recovering at home will need to be as comfortable and warm as possible. The profound effect weather can have on health is demonstrated by insulation grants being allocated to those with children and people who are classified as senior citizens. As well as the health benefits of keeping warm in the colder months, it will also save you money in the long-term. Not having to constantly fire up the central heating to keep your house is warm will save you plenty of money on utilities.

Looking after the environment you live in, and by saving as much money as possible, you will help create a comfortable atmosphere to recover in and ensure you are financially stable. By saving on utilities, putting away money regularly, and planning around your treatment, you can help keep yourself financially water-tight.

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