For Coronavirus, Pennsylvania’s Independence LED Lighting and QuietMIND Foundation fast-track solutions for nasal and full body infrared (IR) LED photobiomodulation to stop the progression of COVID-19


Posted on Monday 16th March 2020

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For Coronavirus, Pennsylvania’s Independence LED Lighting and QuietMIND Foundation fast-track solutions for nasal and full body infrared (IR) LED photobiomodulation to stop the progression of COVID-19


Berwyn, PA, March 16, 2020 – Independence LED Lighting ( announces today its collaboration with the QuietMIND Foundation (, a public non-profit applied research foundation and outpatient healthcare practice to fast track development of low-cost, self-administered and easily deployed infrared (IR) phototherapy devices to enhance the immune system's ability to stop the progress of COVID-19.

The proposed photobiomodulation (PBM) solutions will be rooted in research showing the ability of infrared (IR) light wavelengths to be configured to slow the influenza virus and thereby diminish symptom severity.  The “COVID-19 LED Phototherapy” is intended to boost immune system functioning for those who've already contracted COVID-19 while also developing methods to prevent the spread of infection. The effort is focused on fast-tracking basic science and applied clinical trials of devices that are safe, non-invasive and easily deployed for home-use. Such efforts would be running parallel to ongoing acute care and vaccine trials. The COVID-19 LED Phototherapy does not in any way reduce the need for the American public to practice currently recommended social distancing and isolation when necessary during this pandemic.  COVID-19 LED Phototherapy differs from other available low level PBM devices, in that, the wavelength and other delivery parameters for this development are likely to focus on wavelengths above 800nm.  The development team will collaborate closely with manufacturers and PBM researchers to optimize rapid scalable production and broad therapeutic impact.

COVID-19 LED Phototherapy – Patient treatment

Therapy can be administered via one or more of the following:

  • Nasal insert devices
  • Full body horizontal “beds” similar to tanning beds
  • Full body “walk-in” chambers like those now used in gyms and spas.

COVID-19 LED Clinical Phototherapy – Research and Development

The R&D effort will address optimization of phototherapy delivery in terms of: 

1. Wavelength(s)

2. Power

3. Irradiance

4. Pulse rate/width

5. Dose response

6. Energy

7. Fluence

8. Form factors for optimal treatment delivery, sustainability, and mass production/distribution.

For surface cleaning at all treatment locations, as well as homes and businesses so people can safely return to work, the development team will work to define the most cost-effective hand-held wands using ultraviolet (UV) LED light for sterilization as means to control viral contamination.

COVID-19 LED Phototherapy – Intellectual Property

The development team has agreed to open-source the COVID-19 LED Phototherapy technology and partner with local and global LED manufacturers and relevant supply chain partners during the pandemic to reduce the increase of infections and limit casualties and long-term disability due to compromised pulmonary, cardiovascular and neurological functions. Independence LED Lighting’s CEO, is also the 2020 Chairman of the Leadership Council of the American LED Alliance (, which will help serve as a catalyst to provide product specifications and increase the roll-out of these phototherapy technologies.

 COVID-19 LED Phototherapy – Fast-track Funding

This initiative requires global, multi-site R&D and testing over the next weeks and through the month of April to help slow the infections and casualties of the pandemic.  The development team is actively seeking $250,000, and the roll-out will then require added funding, which is expected to include joint public-private partnerships with organizations such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Health Service and WHO. 

"This is an all hands on deck effort. Since 2010, when we moved our LED manufacturing from Shenzhen, China to southeastern Pennsylvania we have focused on a range of LED applications including installations for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, US Navy hospital ships, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Durham Medical Center, and private sector accounts like Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. We have also pioneered custom wavelength LEDs for advanced Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) for plant science. Now, we can apply our skills and focus to saving lives and positively affecting the growing economic crisis during this Coronavirus pandemic,” said Charlie Szoradi, CEO Independence LED Lighting

“We are now facing an unprecedented health challenge. Our focus has been on integrating light therapy and neuroscience to identify specific properties of light and noninvasive methods to improve central nervous system activity that will enhance immune system functioning. We're forging strategic relationships with local companies and academic research institutions in Philadelphia, United Kingdom, and Canada to expedite R&D and fast track roll-out of safe, reliable, low-cost, self-administered therapies.” said Marvin Berman, President, QuietMIND Foundation.


Charlie Szoradi, CEO, Independence LED Lighting
Direct: 610-551-5224,

Marvin Berman, President, QuietMIND Foundation
Direct: 610-940-0488,

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