Is Covid 19 Becoming More Contagious


Posted on Thursday 19th November 2020


Not long ago President Trump and his wife Melania, tested positive for Covid-19. They both were fortunate enough to overcome the virus, but that does not mean that Covid-19 is something to take lightly. There have been multiple new studies that show that the virus is becoming more contagious. For example, in a recent study conducted in Houston, researchers believe that the reason for the large spike in the Houston areas that went from 200 cases a day to 2,400, are because of the more contagious strand of the virus that has very recently been discovered.  The mutation of the virus has the ability to change because it has already infected 30 million people. When the virus mutates it has the ability to change the behavior and makeup. Some studies have also shown that as the virus mutates and becomes more contagious the vaccine has to change with it. People who have already been infected by the virus now have to be careful because there are new strands that can effect them again.  This is yet another reason why the GREENandSAVE staff sees a need for indoor clean air. 

Purge Virus offers cost effective Air Disinfection Solutions for all types of facilities and consumer needs. The most effective air disinfection methods are Bipolar Ionization and Ultraviolet (UV) light. Depending on the size and type of facility, Purge Virus will recommend installing their products in the Air Handling Units (AHU) or In Room.  Purge Virus also offers Portable Devices which are ideal for smaller areas and residential units and PPE equipment. Purge Virus also offers $0 upfront cost options and turn-key projects that include rebate administration for the growing number of incentives launched following the Covid-19 outbreak.

With clean air being a necessary component of the “new normal”, it is wise to act now so that businesses, facilities, and government properties can safely operate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The novel coronavirus is continuing to mutate throughout the course of the pandemic, and now experts are believe COVID-19 is more contagious. In this new US study, which is not yet peer reviewed, researchers analyzed 5,000 genetic sequences of the virus, which has continued to mutate as it has spread through the population. The researchers did not find that mutations of the virus have made it more lethal or changed its effects, even as it may be becoming easier to catch.

US Still in First Wave of Virus and Should Be Prepared for “Challenge” of Fall and Winter, According to Fauci

The US is still enduring the first wave of COVID-19 because cases have never declined to a good baseline, says Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci said that during the infamous 1918 flu pandemic, cases were seen in the spring, then cases “literally disappeared” before” there was an “explosion” of cases in the fall. “Rather than say, ‘A second wave,’ why don’t we say, ‘Are we prepared for the challenge of the fall and the winter?'” Fauci said.

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