Creating a Green Office: A Guide


Posted on Friday 19th April 2019

Creating a Green Office: A Guide

As a business, the way you run your organization can impact the environment. How much energy do you consume every day as a company? How do people get to work? Is it easy to access via public transportation? How much paper do you use? All of these factors will impact the carbon footprint that your office leaves behind.

This article will provide you with more insight into how exactly you can go about creating a green office space. You will not only be making a difference to the world for those that live in it now, but you will be impacting the lives of the future generations as well.

Paperless office

Everywhere you turn and look there is still an excess amount of paper that is being used. The very first step that you can take to turn your office into a green space, then, is to go paperless.

There are so many computers and tablets that you can purchase nowadays, that this is easier than ever to do.

Using efficient equipment and safety precautions

What type of equipment does your office require, and is there an eco-friendly alternative that you can change it to? Even those working in the field of construction can adopt a sustainable approach depending on the type of renewable materials that are used to put everything together. Examples can include solar powered energy and even using tree bark as a construction material.

On the other hand, no matter how environmentally friendly the equipment and materials that you use are, everyone in the office must still be taught about the necessary safety precautions, and be equipped to deal with injuries should they occur. It will make a difference in the quality of people’s workdays.

Of course, people must also be properly compensated if the injury occurs as a result of a work tool that they use, and as an employee, you must be made aware about what The Compensation Experts can do for you in these types of situations.

Reduce reuse recycle

If you don’t do this already, your company should live by the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. You can do this in several different ways, including:

1. Reducing electricity

If you have enough natural light, which you should during the day, why not limit the amount of power that you use? Saving on electricity usage is one of the easiest ways of reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

2. Different modes of transportation

What are the modes of transportation that people take to get to work every day? Your business should encourage its employees to bike, take buses and even trains to get into the office.

3. Separate garbage bins

In order to not add so much to the world’s waste, ensure that you have separate garbage bins depending on what is being thrown out.

Transforming your company into a green office space is much easier than you may think. You can start small by ensuring that you turn off the electricity when it is not in use, as each little step can make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention, the general public will also view your business in a different light if you clearly demonstrate that you care about the world around you.

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