Energy Savings With Air Conditioning Through Algorithms

Tyler Sewell

Posted on Wednesday 6th February 2019

NEW for 2019: Dynamic Air Conditioning Optimization without upgrading Chillers

Property Owners and Managers face many choices when it comes to upgrading Air Conditioning systems, but we are pleased to offer a way to generate 15% to 40% savings without changing any of the equipment. In short, the algorithm optimizes chillers and cooling systems to create efficiencies without impacting thermostat settings and without generating any downtime or upfront costs. Payment is on the monthly savings performance. The algorithms are ideal for central cooling systems with a chilled water loop. 

One Page Highlight:

Deeper Dive with Case Studies

Here is a one page Data Sheet for us to provide a Phase 1 Savings Analysis at our cost. Just fill it in to let us show you the benefits:

Now is the time to start saving energy and money. 

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