Home Veggie Growing Progress - Update 8/21/2023

Charlie Szoradi 

Posted on Monday 21st August 2023
home veggie growing

Home Veggie Growing Progress - Update 08/21/2023

Summer has flown by, and I (Charlie Szoradi) hope that you all have had a blast. My basil and other leafy greens and herbs are growing in nicely. The container "pods" with automatic watering and daily lighting make home growing as easy as possible. I included a photo of the base, which has the oval cover compartment to fill with water about once a week. The setup has 30 different plants and will feed veggies for a family of four each week! Saving money on veggies is one thing, but the zero pesticides and higher nutrients was the key selling point for me. About 90% of leafy greens and veggies come from California, and they often lose over 40% of their nutrients in week long refrigerated transit across the country. Plus the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the agriculture industrial complex is over 20% which is higher than GHG from cars. Growing veggies at home is good for you, your wallet, and the planet.

For year-round indoor veggies, this GARDYN device is the top pick by GREENandSAVE, and it's TIME Magazine's 2022 "Invention of the Year". I got mine earlier this summer. See: https://plan-plant-planet.com/gardyn/ 

Home Veggie Growing

Here is some info from Gardyn to give you more perspective on this device for home veggie growing;

Every season is Gardyn season: The vertical system’s LED lights are strategically placed to allow you to grow large, tall or vining plants indoors that most other systems cannot accommodate, 365 days a year.

THE GARDYN DIFFERENCE: Grow full-sized plants with more nutrients, more density, more variety, and absolutely zero pesticides. Gardyn’s smart technology maximizes growth; even while you’re away.

Incredible produce starts with incredible seeds

  • Always non-GMO, locally grown and pesticide free.
  • We search to uncover rare, forgotten varieties for incredible new tastes
  • Rigorously tested and tasted to give you superior flavor and nutrition


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