HVAC Optimization with Energy Savings for Commercial Properties


Posted on Tuesday 29th January 2019
HVAC Optimization

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ASG Energy teams with Revolution Energy Group for next generation commercial energy savings – Dynamic Chiller Optimization

Denver, CO & Berwyn, PA – ASG Energy LLC, a comprehensive LED energy solutions provider partnered with Revolution Energy Group to offer a clean tech software program that saves between 15% to 40% of cooling energy costs with Dynamic Chiller Optimization.

Dynamic Chiller Optimization is taking retro-commissioning to the next level by incorporating dynamic variables that impact energy utilization and load balancing across the entire cooling eco-system within a facility.  The platform has been designed in order to maximize the results and


  • Impact the thermostat settings.
  • Have any disruption of operations.
  • Require any new HVAC equipment.
  • Have any upfront capital costs.


  • Cost Reduction 15% – 40%
  • Low Payback – Under 3 Years
  • Performance Guarantee

Key Features

  • Dynamic Chilling Optimization
  • Non-Intrusive Implementation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Flexible BMS or HMI Interface Integration
  • Automated Response System

Keith McAslan, Managing Partner ASG Energy commented “We are very excited to team with Revolution Energy Group and offer this new energy savings option in addition to our LED lighting solutions.” 

Keith further explained that “If a facility has central cooling systems with a chilled water loop, and the installed chiller capacity is over 200 tons, then there is an opportunity to evaluate significant energy cost savings. If this is the type and size of cooling system in your facility, then as a first step is to perform a preliminary savings assessment. There is no cost for this, as it’s a way to get a better understanding of the potential savings and then if those savings look attractive, further steps and a deep dive on the technical details will follow.”

Charlie Szoradi, CEO and President of Revolution Energy Group commented “teaming with ASG Energy extends the market reach of the Dynamic Chiller Optimization solution as it integrates with all current Building Management Systems (BMS) and does not replace them.  We are looking forward to working closely with the ASG team to implement this energy cost savings solution.”

About ASG Energy LLC

ASG Energy LLC is a comprehensive LED energy solutions provider, with a successful track record of managing energy reduction initiatives and installations for several Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S.  ASG Energy’s reach extends nationally to serve its customers and operates out of Denver and Canon City, Colorado as well as San Antonio, Texas.  For additional information on requesting a preliminary savings assessment, please visit: asgenergyllc.com/ecore or email at info@asgenergyllc.com.

About Revolution Energy Group

Revolution Energy Group was established to provide next generation commercial energy efficiency solutions.  Revolution supports public and private sector facility owners and managers who seek high ROI “Energy Intelligence” to reduce operating costs and meet sustainability goals. For more information please visit www.revolutionenergygroup.com. See this link for the optimization beyond HVAC Optimization.


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