Indoor air quality for health and vertical farming in Indiana

GREENandSAVE staff

Posted on Wednesday 20th July 2022
Indoor air quality for Indiana

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COVID-19 woke up America and the world to the need for improved indoor air quality

IAQ Technologies LLC is your “One-Stop-Shop” for proven and cost effective germicidal disinfection of air and surfaces across the commercial and residential landscape. We also provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to further help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and future viruses. In short, we focus on creating safe, healthy, and also energy efficient “smart” properties. We have developed a consortium of industry professionals, manufacturers, and installers, so that we can recommend and provide the most appropriate disinfection solutions for a diverse range of facilities in the US and around the world. We also offer $0 upfront cost options and turn-key projects that include rebate administration for the growing number of incentives launched following the Covid-19 outbreak. Beyond buildings, indoor air quality is very important for Controlled Environment Agriculture, and specifically advanced Vertical Farming

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Here is an example of Indoor air quality information for Indiana:

Scrub Hub: Can indoor air quality hurt my health more than the outdoor air?

Many of us experienced it this summer: Smoke from the wildfires out west made it all the way to Indiana, causing hazier skies, a more red-ish looking sun and worse air quality. In fact, Hoosiers were encouraged to stay inside during the last week in June. 

We all know that the outdoor air can pose a threat to your health with emissions from cars and industry spewing into the atmosphere. 

But is the inside air we breathe actually a safer bet? 

As the temperatures grow colder and daylight hours shorter, people are hunkering down for the winter — spending more time inside after a summer and fall of frolicking out in the sun. But do people need to be concerned about the indoor air they’re breathing, too? 

That’s a question one of our readers wants answers to. So for this edition of the Scrub Hub, we will be looking at whether indoor or outdoor air quality is worse, and if our inside air can pose a threat to our health. 

We spoke with an expert to see what the differences are between inside and outside air. To know the different steps you can take, keep reading. 

Short answer: Indoor air can cause serious problems 

Our indoor air might not be quite as clean as we think. 

There are a variety of sources of indoor and outdoor air pollution that can each cause their own health problems. When it comes to outdoor air, one of the biggest sources of pollutants comes from what’s called fine particulate matter. It’s uniquely formed by the combustion of things such as gas in cars, coal burning power plants and the wildfires from over the summer. 

Also a concern for the outdoors is ozone, which is especially harmful on hot days but goes down significantly in the winter. Both of these pollutants can constitute a serious health burden, degrading lung function or constricting airways


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