Optilumen Made in America LED Lighting solutions for either President

Corey Dreese

Posted on Tuesday 3rd November 2020
Made in USA Optilumen

As we wait today for the Presidential election votes to come in, I am excited to have my first day at Optilumen (https://optilumen.com/), a USA manufacturer of high performance  and cost effective LED lighting. The made in America LED lighting exceeds the quality and the lumen per watt output of the vast majority of imported alternatives. This LED strip kit is one of the best alternatives for changing fluorescent tubes instead of LED tubes. If Either of the new administrations were to change out the existing government building lights to these US made LED strip kits the savings would be over $1,000,000,000 every year. This calculation is from the American LED Alliance report.

Here are some highlights on Optilumen's American made LED strip kits: 

At Optilumen, our LED retrofitting and conversion kits are simple to install and provide immediate energy cost savings. We have taken care of all of the complexity for you to provide a straightforward lighting solution that gives you all of the advantages without any of the struggles. Our fluorescent to LED conversion kit has been designed to be the most cost-effective, efficient, and accessible lighting solution possible.

We chose to focus our services and products around retrofitting and conversion because they provide time and monetary savings for our clients and their clients. Our premium linear retrofit, or RKT series, is able to be installed a matter of minutes with only the most basic of tools. We have also eliminated the ballasts, receptors, and wiring in the RKT series retrofit. This removes the need for later maintenance and saves your clients even more money in the long-term.

NEWS: Optilumen is pleased to announce that it is launching the production of US made luminaires, which are Buy America Act (BAA) Compliant. Samples for LED Strip Kits will be available starting in October, 2020 with full production commencing Q4 2020. Optilumen is also a new member of the Leadership Council of the American LED Alliance

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