Related Properties Corporation Reduces the Spread of COVID-19 at 1700 East Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich, CT with Ultraviolet Technology from Purge Virus


Posted on Monday 26th October 2020

Related Properties Corporation Reduces the Spread of COVID-19 at 1700 East Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich, CT with Ultraviolet Technology from Purge Virus


Berwyn, PA, October 26, 2020 –Purge Virus, LLC ( announces today the activation of ultraviolet technology for the flagship multi-tenant office building at 1700 East Putnam Avenue in Old Greenwich, Connecticut ( The large 180,000 square foot property is owned and managed by Related Properties Corporation, an affiliate of Related Companies based in New York City. The germicidal disinfection technology has the dual advantage of saving energy and reducing maintenance costs, since the installations are within the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The placements are between the coils and fans at the nine (9) Air Handling Units (AHUs).

In addition to inactivating pathogens such as COVID-19, the 253.7 nanometer wavelength Ultraviolet C (UVC) kills mildew and other biomatter on the AHU coils to increase efficiency and save added money by reducing the need for regular cleaning. The technology is made in the USA with Buy American Act (BAA) Compliance and may set the “new normal” for clean air in private sector and US government buildings across America and around the world. Beyond COVID-19, clean air has health advantages by reducing the adverse impact of future pathogens and influenza that contribute to respiratory illness and the escalating cost of healthcare.

“We are pleased to have the state-of-the-art disinfection technology from Purge Virus. We chose to conduct the installation ourselves. The installation was straightforward, and we found the equipment to be manufactured to a high standard.  Now our tenants at 1700 East Putnam Ave will benefit from enhanced air purification to address the immediate COVID-19 plight and for years to come,” said Paul Dumont, President – Related Properties Corporation.

“We applaud the team at Related Properties for leading by example with the advanced building-wide disinfection system. 1700 E Putnam may be one of the largest commercial office buildings in America to adopt HVAC clean-air technology, and we expect that others will follow their lead. I would also like to commend the development team who worked diligently through COVID-19 to launch this project,” said Charles Szoradi, CEO of Purge Virus, LLC.

Highlights on the Disinfection: At 1700 E Putnam, the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), for the nine different AHUs, ranges from 6,000 to 8,300. The plenum sizes are the same for each AHU at of 71.5” x 26” with air velocity ranging from 465 to 643. The irradiation calculations are based on an average 7,300 CFM and air velocity of 565 linear feet per minute. The air velocity is a key driver in the irradiation solution, because ultraviolet dosage is determined by time, intensity, and distance. The air velocity is the factor of time for the ultraviolet to inactivate the virus microorganisms and prevent replication. The average dose for each AHU is 6,600 microwatt-seconds per square centimeter (µW-sec/cm2), which is also expressed as6.6 millijoules per square centimeter (mJ/cm2). The wavelength of the ultraviolet C (UV-C) is 253.7 nanometers (nm) and the lamp life within the devices is 17,000 hours. Each AHU has 30” of depth where the ultraviolet light floods the chambers as the “Purge Zone.” The four (4) ultraviolet lamps are 151 Watts each, 5/8” in diameter, and 60” in length to fit within the 71.5” interior span of the respective AHUs. This type of irradiation analysis and custom configuration for each facility is one of the service advantages of working with Purge Virus.

The Results: The configuration and ultraviolet dosage provide 2-3 log pathogen reduction, which is between 99% and 99.9% single pass inactivation of the virus. The current available data on COVID-19 is a dosage of 5,000 µW-sec/cm2 for that same level of disinfection, and this system exceeds it with a dosage of 6,600 µW-sec/cm2. The result is continuous, around the clock germicidal disinfection. With the technology integrated into the HVAC system, the solution is the least disruptive for tenants at this groundbreaking property.

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