Electronics Recycling Starting to Catch Up to Demand

By Adam Eisman – Contributing Writer
Posted on Friday 8th May 2009

What do you do with a computer that you no longer need?  Most people buy a new computer when their old one has ceased working reliably, or when new technology necessitates the upgrade, and so their old piece of junk seems most likely destined for the landfill.  The trend of placing old machines straight into the garbage is causing problems, however new recycling programs instituted by some of the most visible electronics producers have experts convinced that the problem soon, will be a relic of the technology transformation of the early 21st century.

Consumers have very little reason to seek out recycling for their old hardware, so companies like Cisco, Dell, HP, Motorola, Nokia, Research in Motion, Sprint Nextel and Vodafone, as well as Apple, Inc. have stepped in to fulfill this vital service.  A new report from Pike Research, who track global clean technology trends, notes that with the implementation of these private sector programs, in conjunction with new government regulations on what can end up in landfills, e-waste will begin to be curtailed in 2016, when recycling practices fully catch up with the growth of personal machinery. 

But until then, the problem will continue to warrant monitoring.  A summary of the report can be found free online here .

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