What’s your Carbon Footprint?

By Laura Denny, GREENandSAVE.com
Posted on Friday 6th February 2009

Your Foot Personality

A person’s feet are the source of their adventure; their motion, their capability to reach their desires and travel from point A to point B. Some people might say humans take advantage of their feet. People forget (even though they use them all the time) that feet allow us to do so much.

They allow us to play, run, walk, ice skate, ski, rollerblade, bike, hike, jump, and so much more that this entire page could be filled with what feet help us do. Everyone knows what feet can help them do; sometimes all that is needed is a little reminder to appreciate your feet.

Feet Appreciation Day

The best way to appreciate your feet and show them how much you love what they do for you on a daily basis is by giving them a comfortable home. Often times, the most comfortable home for your feet is an environmentally friendly shoe. The reason is that these types of shoes are made from all organic materials. This eliminates the harsh chemicals often used in manufacturing and the rough materials often used in processing. So these types of shoes are great for the environment and wonderful for your hard working feet.

Exchange Green for Green

If you are a bargain shopper, and also someone who wants to save the environment while saving your wallet, The Buffalo Exchange on Chestnut Street is your one-stop shop. You can purchase some top quality shoes that have been recycled and are in top notch condition. And if you don’t want to pay in cash, bring in some of your accessories and clothing that you would like to exchange for great “foot homes.”

Great Shoes! What’s in them?

If you want to be guaranteed a great style in which to walk tall and walk even taller because you know you are saving the environment with each step, look for La Canadienne at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstroms. These stores can be found all around Philadelphia. La Canadienne has a stylish line of shoes hand-made with recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes. You can find out more about these trendy styles and the company’s commitment to keeping our earth a little greener at La Canadienne

Food and Shoes, What More Could a Girl Want!

What is the first thing you think about when you hear Essene Market and Café? Natural, delicious, and healthy food? Well, whoever said you can’t put your feet up on the table near the food has never been to Philadelphia’s Market. That’s right; you can also purchase natural, beautiful, and eco-friendly shoes at Essene Market and Café.

The two lines of shoes sold here include: Earth shoes; which helps to improve your posture and burn more calories with every step, but does not help to burn a hole in the ozone; and Simple Shoes. Simple shoes are simply different. They are made from recycled tires, recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, bamboo, and wool felt. Even their shipping process is eco-friendly using 100% recycled paper boxes.

Taking it One Step Further

Now the best way to really help the environment and help keep your feet green and comfortable is by making sure that not only are your shoes made from organic materials, but the socks that protect your feet are eco-friendly as well. Everyone knows the sock company brand name Gold Toe. Now the new name to be repeated is Gold Toe All Day Comfort EcoFX Collection for Men and Women. These new socks are made from bamboo soy fiber, organic cotton, and cocona (a coconut fiber). All of these natural sustainable fibers help to keep feet dryer and fresher all day long. Who would of thought becoming environmentally conscious could have so many plusses!

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