Commercial LED Lighting Solutions Case Study Series – Automotive - Hyundai Dealership

Posted on Wednesday 16th December 2015
The case study below is an example of the growing adoption of energy saving LED lights for commercial LED lighting solutions cross a broad range of applications. If you would like to submit a case study, please contact us via Project: Hyundai Dealership Highlights: 2’ x 2’ LED Panels Address: 1106 E Lincoln Hwy, Langhorne, PA 19047 Owner: McCafferty Auto Group ( Opportunity for LED Lights Automotive Dealerships need to showcase their vehicles in the best light, while also keeping an eye on cost. McCafferty was renovating its Hyundai showroom and could have defaulted to common fluorescent lighting with 2’ x 4’ troffer fixtures. Four T8 tubes at 32 watts each use 128 watts per fixture. With 60 hours of illumination per week (3120h/year) and an electricity rate of $.12/kWh, the annual lighting cost per for each fluorescent fixture would have been $47.92. LED Lighting Solution Independence LED Lighting Agent Round 2 Lighting showed the McCafferty Auto Group a solution to use 39 watt 2’ x 2’ LED Panels instead of 128 watt 2’ x 4’ fluorescent troffers. The new LED Panels made by Independence LED’s German strategic partner DK LED yield an outstanding 69% energy savings and deliver the same color and directional light as less efficient fluorescent options. LED Case Study Results By using LED Panels instead of fluorescent fixtures, the annual savings is 277.68 kWh and $33.32 per unit. Over the 19.23 year life of the LEDs, (60,000h LEDs / 3,120 h of annual illumination), the lifetime energy savings is $640.80 per fixture. With historical 3% average annual increases in energy costs and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is even higher. With 1.34 lbs of CO2 saved for every kWh saved, the lifetime reduction is 7,156 lbs of CO2 for each fixture. To find more case studies from this manufacturer see: To see the graphic support for this case study see: For more case studies across the LED lighting marketplace, see LEDs Magazine, one of the leading LED lighting resources:

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