Report Maps Standards For Smart Grid Development

Vivi Gorman
Posted on Friday 19th June 2009

The government released a report yesterday regarding the development of a national Smart Grid, a nationwide network to provide efficient electricity including renewable power sources while using 21st century information technology.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), part of the U.S. Commerce Department, issued a report upwards of 300 pages, which was delivered by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The report identifies issues and priorities for developing standards and design of the Smart Grid and will be used in drafting the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Framework. NIST has implemented a 30-day period for public comments.

NIST is working with the Department of Energy, the lead agency on the project. Fast-tracking the Smart Grid is a top priority of the Obama Administration. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will help make this happen. NIST has responded by creating a new National Coordinator for Smart Grid Interoperability Office to provide leadership at the national level and assist in managing resources.

The EPRI report is part of the first step in a three-pronged process identified by NIST. Next, architecture, interoperability standards and cybersecurity will be addressed. The second step is to establish a formal private-public partnership to drive longer-term progress. The third task involves developing and implementing a framework for testing and certification.

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