Eco Academy Launches Online Green Job Training Program: A New Green Career in 30 Days

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Sunday 28th June 2009

On July 4th, 2009, the Eco Academy has plans to launch a new green job training program online. Prior to creating the online training program, the Eco Academy was holding live training sessions every month. The program was created by Charlie Szoradi, a green architect and expert, in 2008 with the first course held outside of Philadelphia, PA. After three consecutive months of sold out training sessions, the Eco Academy brought its curriculum to major metro markets across the United States beginning with Denver, CO. "We were delighted to see the Philadelphia area regional interest, but when a homemaker from Cleveland, OH flew in specifically to participate in the training as did a laid-off architect from New York City via the train, we created a plan to accelerate the national rollout", Charlie Szoradi, Chief Training Instructor.

The overwhelming online interest from other states spiked, resulting in the demand for the online program which will give individuals across the country an opportunity to be trained at their own pace.

The Eco Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality training and support services for individuals that would like to start a new green career. The training was created by experienced professionals and is designed to educate students in the many aspects necessary to enjoy a rewarding business career. This includes not only the green curriculum but also other important areas directly affecting their business i.e. law, accounting and insurance.

The program is intended for full and immediate implementation by the graduates so they may begin earning money within 30 days of course completion. Equally important are the many opportunities for post-graduation support and continued education. According to Forbes Magazine the 'GREEN' economy could soon become the nation's fastest-growing job segment, accounting for roughly 10% of new jobs over the next 20 years. The Eco Academy is a cutting edge training program which gives individuals all the necessary tools to have a rewarding career in this growing industry as a Home Efficiency Consultant.

With energy costs continually on the rise, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to cut home expenses. Heating and air conditioning alone account for over 40% of the typical home's utility bill. While the average homeowner can do much to greatly reduce home energy costs, most do not know how to adequately identify the areas where they are wasting energy much less know how to fix them. A Home Efficiency Consultant can do both.

Home Efficiency Consultants perform Home Efficiency Checkups, which includes a combination of sit down review with the homeowner and a one to two hour walk-through session of the home where the consultants use a comprehensive checklist to identify problem areas that waste utilities. Upon completion the Home Efficiency Consultant will prepare a thorough report based on the findings during the consultation. This Home Efficiency Checkup Report will help homeowners save at least $500.

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