Eco Friendly Weddings

Marie J. Pellegrino - Contributing Writer
Posted on Monday 8th June 2009

With June being the main time of year for couples to get married, it seems appropriate to detail some ways that a wedding could be made more eco-friendly.

First, and this seems the most obvious, have the wedding outdoors. The scenery will be absolutely gorgeous whether a beach or botanical garden is chosen. Not to mention that a couple or the bride’s parents would not have to spend much on decorations. Also, making the ceremony and reception take place during the afternoon and evening reduces energy because for the entire celebration the sun will be the source of light. And June is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding due to warm weather, but not overbearingly warm.

Another simple thing to look for is recycled paper or handmade paper for invitations, place cards, etc. A new idea to replace paper has couples creating a webpage or web site for the wedding and sending everything to guests electronically. Perhaps the waiters/waitresses can tell guests the menu.

In addition, favors can be more special and green if a couple gets them from a local artist instead of a major manufacturing company that needs to ship the favors long distances. Centerpieces are another way to personalize a wedding so instead of having plastic vases, use glass or bamboo. has many tips for couples desiring an eco-friendly wedding.

The other big item for a wedding is the dress. Every woman wants to feel like a princess and completely beautiful. If a bride is on a tight budget, look into used wedding dresses; it is quite cheap and you may find exactly what you are looking for without breaking the bank. For those brides who have a larger budget and want a one of a kind designer dress, Rene Geneva would be an excellent designer to choose. Her dresses are made from fabrics like cotton and hemp. Here is a wonderful sit to search for wedding ideas.

There are many options to create a more green and unique weddings. Congratulations to all those happy couples.

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