Environmentally Conscious Organization Designs New "Green" Pizza Box

April Khan - Contributing Writer
Posted on Monday 18th May 2009
All heads turn as the wide square cardboard boxes pass through the office. What am I talking about? Pizza, of course! Whether a carnivore or a die-hard vegan, no one can resist the mouth-watering aroma of a chewy, moist, piping hot pizza pie. Unfortunately, the cardboard boxes used to make their transport easier are hard to fold, making them virtually impossible to put into trash cans. Not only this, most recycling companies don’t accept them because of their awkward size and soiled in oil stains. For this reason green design firm, Environmentally Conscious Organization, (ECO) came up with a solution, the Green Box. The Green Box on face value looks like any ordinary pizza box, but holds many hidden gems. As demonstrated on YouTube, the Green Box tears into 4 pieces, forming makeshift serving plates. The bottom of the box is perforated along the edges and down the center so it can be folded easily into a small container, used to store the all of the leftovers. If you thought that was benefit enough, the Green Box is actually made from 100% recyclable cardboard. When ordering the Green Box, customers may opt for the standard uncoated box or a vegetable based coating. The main goals of the Green Box were to increase functionality along with being more economic than its competitors. The long-term benefits are to reduce waste, and by the Green Box being multifunctional in its ability to become serving plates and an overnight container, it will lower water and energy consumption, naturally. With all of its benefits and money saving functionality the Green Box is actually quite affordable, running neck and neck with its standard rivals in price. To see a demonstration of how The Green Box is used, please view their YouTube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQBjJjpkjl0 www.ecoincorporated.com

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