Going from Guns to Green on Memorial Day

Brian Rice - Contributing Writer
Posted on Monday 25th May 2009

This Memorial Day, the GREENandSAVE Eco Academy is honoring ANY member of our US military by launching the Armed Services Scholarship Program (ASSP) to transition soldiers back into civilian life in the new Green Economy. Saving energy is all about ‘Energy Independence’ and it has never been more patriotic to protect our country and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The Eco Academy trains Home Efficiency Consultants, and they can earn $1,000 or more a week for full or part-time work, while helping homeowners in their communities save money on their utility bills. According to the Department of Energy (DOE) Americans use over 20% of the world’s energy but only represent 5% of the global population with more than 40% of the energy comes being used in homes and offices. So, this is about saving money, building security, and creating new well paying jobs. The Eco Academy (ASSP) has allocated over $500,000 from Memorial Day through Labor Day to provide scholarships for the first 1,000 military personnel who enroll. The offer also extends to immediate family members of the soldier ad military personnel. The training market rate is $995 but the scholarships reduce the cost to $495 for members of the armed forces that are looking for full or part-time work.

The part-time work is particularly key for military spouses who are often left with the difficult task of caring for children and managing the household finances. Home Efficiency Consultants can schedule their own work, and the Home Efficiency Checkups generate from $295 to $395 per visit. Since each checkup only takes a few hours, a stay at home parent can book the time around children’s school and still make $1,000 by working just a few mornings or afternoons a week. Only a High School Graduate level education is required to join the program, and proof of military experience or relations. To learn more about the career path as a certified home efficiency consultant visit www.EcoAcademy.com.

Charlie Szoradi, the Eco Academy Founder and President says “One of the trainees of our first program in January of this year had just retired from the Army and our team realized that the economy must be incredibly difficult for military families and for the troops returning from service. So we want to ‘arm’ the troops with the tools to get a new career in one of the fastest growing sectors of the new economy. Together we can make America stronger and more energy independent”.

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