Green Facebook Applications

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Monday 25th May 2009

Facebook, which allows members to catch up with friends or even frenemies from high school they never wanted to see again, as well as find embarrassing pictures about themselves the day after the kegger, reaches over 90 million users.

  1. Village Green Energy is using that potential to promote renewable energy projects in Northern California. When members add the "Green My Vino" application to their page they can give their friends "gifts." With each gift of one minute, five minutes or ten minutes, money is donated to a collective of wineries in northern California that pledge to the equivalent amount of renewable energy at the wineries. 10,000 minutes of solar and wind gifts will power the entire winery at Iron Horse Vineyards. The project has already been so successful that the first four wineries: Iron Horse Vineyards, Girard Winery, Windsor Vineyards and Windsor Sonoma are all running on renewable energy. Ultimately if the projects is successful over 1.2 mW of solar will be installed - enough to power 500 California residents for a year. The next four vineyards to get green power are: Burning Hawk, Serghesio Family Vineyards, Benziger Family Winery, and DeLoach Vineyards.
  2. SunChips is donating money to green Greensburg, Kansas, which was destroyed by a tornado last year. For every person that adds the SunChips widget on their page, Sunchips will donate $1 towards their goal of $50,000 to be used to re-plant trees. Almost all of the trees in Greensburg were killed during the tornado.
  3. Green My RIde allows users to check off all of the green things they do and compete with other "green-heads" to see who is uber-green. Green My Ride, by Green Home is even giving away Renewable Energy Credits for members that score highest.
  4. I am Green allows members to collect "leaves" for each of their green activities and also give friends green gifts. No prizes are given away, other than the sheer satisfaction of knowing green list is longer than everyone else.
  5. (lil) Green Patch looks a little bit like a game of strawberry shortcake but actually works to save the rainforest. Members get a, well, little green rectangle on their Facbook page that they can decorate with strawberry-shortcake looking people, mushrooms and flowers, which actually goes to save the rainforest. Thus far, over 29,259,567 sq ft of rainforest have been saved.

So next time you logon to Facebook instead of heading straight to play Scrabble or Mafia Wars, take the time to download one of these green Facebook applications.

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