John Legend Attempts to Add a Little Green to R&B

By Adam Eisman – Contributing Writer
Posted on Sunday 3rd May 2009

John Legend is preparing to start touring soon to promote his latest album “Evolver,” however this tour will be strikingly different from the vast majority of performances that have ever gone on stage. With the help of REVERB, a non-profit environmental organization, Legend will be attempting a totally GREEN Tour.

The effort for this type of venture is huge, as coordination needs to be made with local venues, as well as the caterers for those venues, as emphasis will be added on eco-friendly options and organic products. REVERB has already calculated the amount of energy Legend plans to use on tour; totaling hotel stays, plane and bus rides, as well as miscellaneous energy consumption and has offset this figure by donating the equivalent in money to programs that develop wind farms and other alternative sources of energy. Legend has even instituted an online service that helps concert-goers team up on the drive in to reduce carbon emissions from cars, as well as the number of vehicles on the road.

Legend has arisen to the top of Billboard’s Green 10 list for his work, over the past two years, with the organization he founded, the “Show Me Campaign.” The program is targeted to help the impoverished citizens of Mbola, Tanzania, and focuses on creating more clean drinking water and higher yielding crops. In addition, Legend has gone on speaking tours with Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University’s Earth Institute in order to raise the public’s awareness of the plight of areas like Mbola, as well as the strategy to move toward a more sustainable method of producing those things we need to live.

The “Evolver” tour will begin on June 27th in Muskegon, Michigan, and will make its way around the country, stopping in New Orleans, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, just to name a few.

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