Green Foot Forward presents a unique pack of cards called the Eco Deck

Pam Fitzgerald
Posted on Wednesday 10th June 2009

The Eco Deck, made in the U.S.A. on forest sustainable paper and starch- based glues, laminates, and inks, has original art and 52 eco tips, facts and solutions to raise everyone's green I.Q. while having fun playing their favorite game of Crazy8s.

The Eco Deck was created by Bill Schwartz, an award winning writer and producer of such shows as Touched By An Angel, Promised Land, and many produced TV movies over the last 25 years. Why did Mr. Schwartz create the environmentally friendly deck of cards? "I hated the gift wrapping paper and magazines my 12 year old daughter wanted me to buy for school fundraising, so my wife told me to come up with something better. And I did. My daughter and her school can use the Eco Decks for all of their fundraising needs and be quite confident that they are raising green awareness with every game of cards. This is a fun and responsible way to get the green message out there."

Green Foot Forward is also offering the use of the Eco Deck to companies who produce a product or offer a service that's environmentally friendly. The company can use their logo and even replace some of the eco facts on the cards with eco facts that highlight or promote their green products or services.

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