Numi Organic Teas: Good for the Body, Good for the Planet

Steph Helmig - Contributing Writer
Posted on Saturday 13th June 2009
Founded in 1999 by brother and sister Ahmed and Reem Rahim, Numi Organic Teas offer high quality lines of full leaf organic teas. Using real herbs, fruits, flowers and spices, there are no oil or flavoring add-ins used. Numi's product line feature organic, herbal, and artisan flowering teas, bottled organic iced teas sold in retail food stores and gift sets. The teas, packaged in 100% recyclable material, are whole leaf tea bags and loose leaf teas both high in antioxidants. For the artsy customers, flowering teas have "leaves of art" that blossom in your mug when steeped in hot water. The bottled tea line found in stores comes in six pure flavors. Looking for a gift? Choose from five tea sets offering tea samples and teaware, bamboo boxed tea sets, and many beautiful tea chests. In addition to offering a beneficial and organic product, Numi Organic Teas strives to benefit its shareholders, employees, the community and the environment. Being globally aware, Numi partners with organic fair labor tea gardens in Southern India. These gardens offer fair wage, safe working conditions, higher living standards and family finacial support for its workers. With its use of recycled packaging, Numi helps save 3,529 trees and 226,976 pounds in landfill each year. After sampling a few of the whole leaf teas, Numi certainly lived up to their name and philosophy offering a subtle yet soothing cup of tea in each tea bag. Teas can be purchased through a local distributor, through Numi's website or directly through the company (call 866-972-6879). One last note, if you are ever in Oakland, California, stop by the Numi Tea Garden designed by the brother and sister duo. The alluring garden and cafe encourages visitors to stop in to admire the artwork, eco-friendly furniture, local music, free wi-fi and a menu featuring many teas, healthy snacks, small meals and baked goods. The Garden is open 11am-7pm Tuesday-Saturday.

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