Why hurt the planet when you can go green in style?

Steph Helmig - Contributing Writer
Posted on Wednesday 10th June 2009
When Gypsystyle was founded in 2004 by Noel Cianci, the company wanted to sell a product that would be eco-friendly, affordable and stylish. Cianci had casually noticed the excessive use of papers and plastics but when she became an abstract photographer, she acknowledged her subjects making a second use of these discarded items. This drove Cianci to create a 100% recycled plastic tote for use at the grocery store, yoga studio or a weekend getaway. Worldwide paper and plastic consumption is at an all-time high and only 1-2% is being recycled, hurting the planet and the people and animals who reside. Gypsystyle would help eliminate these single use, unsafe bags while helping to clean up the landfills by using recycled materials to create the weightless, water resistant fabric too. The Summer 2009 Collection was just introduced with ten styles for your given destination in four pleasant colors of capri, corsica, tuscany and siena. Bags are priced at $16-39. Whether it will be given as a gift or purchased for yourself, these stylish eco-friendly bags can be found in green boutiques, spas, resorts, farmer's markets, surf shops or online at www.gypsystyle.com.

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