UK Determined To Slash CO2 Output From Transportation

Vivi Gorman
Posted on Wednesday 15th July 2009

Britain’s government announced July 15 measures to cut carbon dioxide emissions to the tune of 85 million metric tonnes by 2020 and promote public transportation and low-emission cars.

As reported in The Independent, Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said the low-carbon transport strategy Campaign for Better Transport also includes additional electrification of the rail network. He noted that 60 percent of the population lives within a 15-minute bike ride from a railway station, the British paper said.

The director of the Campaign, Stephen Joseph, was quoted as saying that the good steps will be undermined by other government plans to expand roads and airports and increase rail fares. He said the government rejected a proposed carbon reduction fund for transport that would have convinced various groups to launch or implement low carbon transport projects, the paper said.

An Associated Press story today said the plan includes wind energy and continued reliance on nuclear power and clean coal.

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