High-Speed Rail Project Set to Receive $9 Billion Dollars in Funding Beginning in September

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Sunday 28th June 2009

Various states have received guidelines on how to apply for the nine billion dollars of Federal stimulus money dedicated to building a series of high speed rail corridors. The Department of Transportation stated that the Federal Railroad Administration would hand out the first round of grants around mid-September.

Along with the money allocated from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, President Obama has declared that he will include one billion dollars annually in his budget for the creation of a high-speed rail network. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood stated that the administration’s position that infrastructure investment will be crucial in making transportation easier, safer and more efficient while creating jobs for Americans in desperate need of work.

The program will not only install a high-speed, reliable service to Americans traveling large distances, but will create myriad jobs in an economy that is crying out for them. A more efficient rail system will relieve pressure on the highways and airways as well. The most promising projects will be those that relieve congestion and reduce the travel time of long distance trips.

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