Solar Power in Maryland

GREENandSAVE staff

Posted on Tuesday 19th July 2022
Solar power in Maryland

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The Energy Intelligence Center (EIC) has a strategic partnership with Jordan Energy which is a top solar solutions provider. This article includes some highlights as well as Solar power news in Maryland. EIC’s initial founder, Charlie Szoradi, has a long-standing relationship with Jordan Energy’s founder, Bill Jordan. Charlie engaged Bill and his team for the solar system on Charlie’s beach house in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Charlie also recently introduced Jordan Energy to one of EIC’s largest clients for major industrial rooftop systems in Pennsylvania and Texas. Click to learn more about Sustainability_Charlie on Instagram. For his Youtube channel click here: Learn from Looking.

In our consulting and system design capacity, we focus on solutions and specifications that are agnostic to specific technology providers. We undertake rigorous due diligence to determine the performance of clean technologies across the dynamic sustainability marketplace. To learn more about solar power and other clean tech partnerships,  Contact Energy Intelligence team. 

Here is an example of some Solar Power News in Maryland:

Maryland legislation would incentivize low-income community solar, increase net-metering cap

Together with the community solar industry, environmental and low-income advocates today cheered the finalization of legislation in Maryland that will improve the state’s clean energy economy while increasing access to solar energy for underserved communities. HB 1039will incentivize the development of community solar projects that serve low-income communities as well as project development on contaminated lands and rooftops. HB 440 will expand the permitted net-metered projects from 2 MW to 5 MW, reduce the land requirements for siting projects, increase private investment into local economies and create more jobs. Both await Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature.

If HB 1039 is signed by the governor, community solar projects will be exempt from county or municipal corporation property tax if they:

  • Provide at least 50% of energy for low-to-moderate-income customers at a cost that’s at least 20% less than the amount charged by the electric company that serves the area, and are used for agrivoltaics or are installed on a rooftop, brownfield, landfill or clean fill.

“Community solar is a way to bring many more Marylanders into the clean energy economy who had previously been left behind,” said Lynn Heller, founder and CEO of the Baltimore-based Climate Access Fund. “In order to mitigate the growing threats of climate change, we need more solar, more participation and more action from our elected officials. These bills help us achieve all three objectives.”

Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot Program will help create capacity to meet the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards. The Clean Energy Jobs Act passed in 2019 requires half of Maryland’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2030.

“HB 1039 and HB 440 send a signal to the community solar industry that Maryland welcomes the private sector as a way to inject capital into grid modernization and build a new energy market that can bolster the state’s economy,” said Leslie Elder, Mid-Atlantic Director for the Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA). “We thank the Maryland General Assembly for passing these bills and Governor Hogan for his support.”


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