Radiant Floors

Spend $4,000 now and
SAVE $550 each year...
ROI = 13.8%


Heating and Cooling accounts for about 35% - 45% of a home's energy cost. Water or Electric radiant systems increase comfort and decrease heating costs by up to 40%. They are also silent without the noise of blowers or fans. Even heat radiates up through the floor. You can put it under the existing floor between the joists for existing rooms or just under the finish material for new rooms.

It can be used with any flooring including carpet, hardwood, laminate and linoleum, but 'high-mass' materials like slate, marble, or tile hold the heat longer and save you more money. For higher performance use a thermal mass floor to hold the heat, and for a real boost, combine it with a Solar Thermal system to the radiant floor water pipes, and let the sun heat your house.

The ROI Calculation is based on $1,000 square feet of radiant floor.

The water pipes run from the floor down into a manifold that ties into the hot water tank.


For a Directory by State of 'Green' Builders, Utility/Sponsors, and Lenders: Click Here

You can control the temperature from an ‘air’ sensor or run an ‘in-slab’ thermostat that allows you to control more of the variables.

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