HVAC Supporting Equipment and Maintenance

Maintaining your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is important in order to help reduce costs and ensure that they work properly. This section provides informative articles about thermostats and digital controls, programmable thermostats, wireless and remote thermostats, meter reading, and HVAC air filters and seasonal tune-ups. Learn more about HVAC supporting equipment and maintenance!
Heating and Air Conditioning
  • HVAC Supporting Equipment and Maintenance

    The right type of controls can help automate operations, and proper maintenance can help promote efficiency. Both controls and maintenance collectively help you save money on Heating and Cooling bills. HVAC typically accounts for over 40% of a home’s energy use, so look carefully at new: Thermostats & Digital Controls, Programmable Thermostats, Wireless and Remote Thermostats, Multi-zone HVAC Systems, Dehumidifying Heat Pipes, ‘Smart’ Meter Reading, and HVAC Air Filters and Seasonal Tune-ups. “Measurement is the key to Management”.

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