Little Eco-Green Bikini!

By Brooke Chase. Contributing Writer for
Posted on Tuesday 9th December 2008

What’s almost naked, sexy, smart, and totally green? No, not the Philly Phanatic running around citizens bank park in his birthday suit. It’s the Eagles Cheerleaders!!!

That’s right, just when you thought the Eagles could get no greener, they have! Eagles cheerleaders have released the first ever eco-friendly swimsuit calendar in sport’s history! The ultimate green calendar titled “Eco-Sexy” will feature its 38 gorgeously green cheerleaders in eco-friendly beachwear, and will be printed on post consumer recycled paper.

The 16 month steamy calendar is all part of the greenest NFL franchises, our own Eagles, “Go Green” Program. “Go Green” incorporates just about every sustainable initiative possible, like recycling and renewable energy, into every aspect of the organization; from Biodegradable cups to solar panels, and the calendar is just as thorough.

The totally organic cotton bikinis are made from recycled plastic soda bottles; the suits also make serious green statements with prints like windmills. The girls even wore all-natural accessories made from glass, clothes hangers, bamboo, cable wire, CDs, and computer chips. Even the smallest detail of a pendant on a necklace made a statement with two green footprints, symbolizing "the carbon footprint everyone leaves upon the world."

And they didn’t stop there, the girls even “greened” their faces and hair by choosing environmentally friendly makeup and hair products!

The calendar is proof that women can be sexy and smart! The women featured are from diverse backgrounds, many of whom have succeeded at the highest levels of education. For example Stephanie Herzka, 22, is a recent graduate of the University of Delaware and works as a nurse’s assistant when she’s not in Eagle’s green; Devan West, 20, is going for a double major in business and dance at Temple University; and Kjersti Soberg, 21, was part of the squad that recently entertained troops in Kuwait and Iraq.

Along with the 34 other squad members, the Eagles cheerleaders flew to the Dominican resort town of Punta Cana in early May to shoot the world’s sexiest, greenest calendar, which they off-set, of course, by planting trees at Neshaminy State Park.

Making the calendar has raised the girl’s awareness of what we all can do. One of the cheerleaders said she walks more, uses less electricity, and expects to spread the message to her students.

You can show the world our sexy, and smart cheerleaders all year ‘round…and they’ll certainly be green with envy!

The calendar can be Pre-Ordered at the Eagles’ website for $14.99 – or you can jump over to for a sneak peek.

Wearing a green swimsuit and keeping track of your everyday life on a calendar is an example of how you can be green in all you do. You can start living your life on this green eco-track and save money by making everyday lifestyle changes. For lots of ways to start greening your lifestyle, check out today.

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