AC Chiller Optimization - Part 1 of 7 Part Series

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Posted on Thursday 28th February 2019






Air Conditioning Dynamic Chiller Optimization - Driven by ECORE

What is ECORE?

ECORE (Efficient Cooling and Refrigeration) is a Platform developed by Online Energy Manager, LLC (OEM) to optimize energy consumption in cooling and refrigeration systems.

What is ECORE-CI®?

ECORE-CI® is the registered trademark approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for `Efficient Cooling and Refrigeration in Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

What is ECORE based on?

ECORE is based on OEM’s patent - United States Patent No. 8,5660,702 B2 dated February 25, 2014.

What does the ECORE Platform consist of?

The ECORE Platform consists of an energy optimization algorithm programmed on a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that controls the various components of a central chiller plant consisting of chillers, Cooling towers/coils, & water circulation pumps. It is also capable of energy optimization for air handling units. ECORE operates all equipment in the optimum manner to achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency with reductions in energy consumption and costs. 

Key Features

What are some of the key features of ECORE?

1.The optimization algorithm in ECORE is based on a proprietary patented technology.
2.ECORE can substantially improve the efficiency of chiller systems. ECORE installations have provided energy and cost savings of 20 to 40% with paybacks under 3 years.
3.ECORE operates the chiller plant consistent with manufacturer specifications.
4.ECORE installations include a performance guarantee in terms of guaranteed savings and payback.
5.Implementation of ECORE is completely non-intrusive and does not require any disruption of operation of the chiller system
6.ECORE offers the capability of remote monitoring and troubleshooting
7.ECORE has a flexible interface that allows it to be easily connected to any building management or building automation system (BMS/BAS) and human-machine interface (HMI).
8.ECORE has the capability to provide automated response and suggest corrective actions if needed.


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