Cars: Which to Pick with so Many to Pick From?

Marie J. Pellegrino - Contributing Writer
Posted on Monday 8th June 2009

Due to the tough economy and contractual items, such as corporate bonuses, automobile industries are going bankrupt and others are attempting to gain buyers with beneficial (to the buyer) financial offers. (However, foreign companies are doing well.) And many people are looking for ways to save on money when buying a car and gas. For those that want to save on gas and help the environment automatically think about hybrid cars, like the Toyota Prius.

Unfortunately, while hybrids may save on gas, they definitely do not help the environment. So what if they do not emit as much carbon? Perhaps the nickel inside of a hybrid battery can detail how it affects the earth negatively. For one, all the nickel is mined in a town in Ontario, Canada and has made the soil infertile and killed the plants. Then the nickel must be transported to Europe, China, Japan, and U.S. as reported by The Recorder.

The best way to get a brand new car for a great price, obviously look around for what car or SUV has the best gas mileage. Perhaps even buy a used car as they are always more affordable and recycling is always ecologically friendly, or a car that uses diesel since diesel is better than good ole regular gasoline.

There is a way to make a car run on water and not emit anything but hydrogen; however, while it might not emit carbon, it does downplay the idea of water conservation unless, of course, if someone can figure out how to use salt water instead of fresh (tap) water. If someone could do that, then that might be the most ecological car.

Until that happens though, the best car to buy seems to be anything that has good gas mileage and is not a hybrid.

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