Gardyn Home Garden unboxing and assembly video


Posted on Sunday 10th September 2023
Gardyn home garden

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Here is the direct link to the Gardyn Home Garden unboxing and assembly video:

From Charlie Szoradi, who conducts the assembly and narrates the process:

I hope that you enjoy this unboxing and assembly video of the GARDYN. My basil and other leafy greens and herbs are growing nicely. The container "cubes" with automatic watering and daily lighting make home growing as easy as possible. The assembly only takes about 15 minutes and the system has 30 different plants and will feed veggies for a family of four each week! Saving money on veggies is one thing, but the zero pesticides and higher nutrients was the key selling point for me. About 90% of leafy greens and veggies come from California, and they often lose over 40% of their nutrients in week long refrigerated transit across the country. Plus the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the agriculture industrial complex is over 20% which is higher than GHG from cars. Growing veggies at home is good for you, your wallet, and the planet. I got mine earlier this summer. See:  Use Promo Code "FutureFood" for a $100 Discount.

For year-round indoor veggies, this GARDYN device is the top pick by GREENandSAVE, and it's TIME Magazine's 2022 "Invention of the Year".

Every season is Gardyn season: The vertical system’s LED lights are strategically placed to allow you to grow large, tall or vining plants indoors that most other systems cannot accommodate, 365 days a year.

THE GARDYN DIFFERENCE: Grow full-sized plants with more nutrients, more density, more variety, and absolutely zero pesticides. Gardyn’s smart technology maximizes growth; even while you’re away.

Incredible produce starts with incredible seeds

  • Always non-GMO, locally grown and pesticide free.
  • We search to uncover rare, forgotten varieties for incredible new tastes
  • Rigorously tested and tasted to give you superior flavor and nutrition

Watch the assembly video here: Home Veggie Growing Device

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