Leadership Profile: Yangaroo Inc

Posted on Friday 3rd July 2009

Location: Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and London, U.K.

Website: www.yangaroo.com

Email: www.yangaroo.com/Contact.aspx

Mission: Yangaroo Inc. offers professionals, who need to send and receive sensitive and often large digital media from point A to point B, a patented, easy to use, highly secure web-based delivery solution called Digital Media Distribution System.

Yangaroo’s patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) is a leading secure B2B digital delivery solution for the music and advertising industries. DMDS is a web-based delivery system that pioneers secure digital file distribution by incorporating biometrics, high-value encryption and watermarking. DMDS replaces the physical distribution of musical recordings and advertising to radio, media, retailers and other authorized recipients with more accountable, effective, and far less costly digital delivery of broadcast quality media via the Internet.

Yangaroo’s DMDS has made over six million deliveries of over 21,000 songs from more than 600 record labels to destinations which include radio stations representing over 35 U.S. broadcast chains. U.S. record labels made over 2 million deliveries of songs via DMDS in 2008. DMDS is the only system that can digitally deliver music across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Yangaroo has offices in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and London, U.K. Yangaroo trades on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol YOO and in the U.S. under OTCBB:YOOIF.

The Leadership:

John Heaven, President & CEO

Cliff Hunt, Chairman, COO

Since: 2003

Biographical highlights: John Heaven, brings over 20 years of strategic financial and entrepreneurial experience to Yangaroo. He is responsible for the company's over-all vision and financial direction. Heaven's professional history includes three successful start-ups and two successful IPO's for industry leading companies in the technology space.
Cliff Hunt, brings over 25 years of experience in the music industry, to Yangaroo. Hunt's extensive background includes a stint as a recording artist and touring musician before shifting to the business side of the industry. Hunt is responsible for driving market penetration and overall strategic development planning for Yangaroo.

GREEN Questions:

  1. What are the smart, green or eco-friendly features of your business or product?
    DMDS replaces literally millions of promotional CDs used by the music industry worldwide to promote new music. These are the Compact Discs that are made from many non-renewable materials-- polycarbonate, lacquer, dyes and various metals including aluminum, gold, silver and titanium and they have become a serious environmental problem. Once the CD is manufactured, it is packaged in a plastic "jewel case,” bubble wrapped, and shipped many miles, burning non-renewable fossil fuel resources, polluting the environment, and contributing to global warming. With DMDS this entire process is replaced by delivering this music quicker more securely and at less expense over the internet.

  2. What inspired your business or product?
    It was inspired initially by the great need in the music industry for a secure method or delivering music files over the internet.

  3. How do you envision customers using your services or product?
    Today, for instance, the entire Canadian music industry has led the world in moving to digital distribution of new music both internally and to external destinations such as radio stations, music reviewers, and others using DMDS. We expect to see the music industry worldwide move to this more secure, more efficient, less expensive, and environmentally-safe method. We also expect other industries to follow this lead.

  4. How do you see your business or product fitting in to the green movement?
    As you can see in the paragraph above, DMDS allows the delivery of products that can be digitized such as music, video, or any other digitized file to be delivered via the Internet saving non-biodegradable products and the diesel of jet fuel used to transport them.

  5. What would you change about your community, country or world to make it more eco-friendly?
    I think the challenge is changing human behavior and educating people to the fact that there are better, more efficient, and more environmentally- friendly ways of doing things. I find it ironic that superstar artists such as Paul McCartney, Bono, and Madonna go out of their way to hire hybrid powered SUVs to arrive at a big event such as the Grammys, to appear environmentally-friendly, while their music is being sent to thousands of radio stations on non-biodegradable CDs in non-biodegradable packaging, carried by trucks or planes burning diesel or jet fuel, polluting the environment!

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