Six Flags Hopes Going Green Will Help Them Stop Seeing Red

Brian Severin
Posted on Sunday 21st June 2009

Six Flags, known for thrilling roller coasters and summer excitement, filed for bankruptcy earlier this week, seeking Chapter 11 protection as it manages its debt load. While the company is struggling financially, Six Flags announced a program to help save money as well as the environment.

The company wide green initiative aims to reduce the impact and waste of Six Flag’s twenty theme parks in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The five major projects cover a wide range of the park’s operations including:

  1. All vehicles and trains that currently run on diesel fuel will be switched over to run on used vegetable oil generated in the food courts of the theme parks.
  2. Switching over to LED lamps and lighting as a way to cut energy use.
  3. Ramping up its recycling effort by partnering with Coca-Cola to install 3,000 recycling containers through the parks.
  4. Switching to low-flow water fixtures and plants and groundcover on park grounds that reduce the need for watering.
  5. Exploring the possibility of installing solar energy facilities on land surrounding some parks to power the roller coasters, rides, and buildings.

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